MAS AERIAL LLC is now approved by the FAA to fly UAS Operations at night!

Real Estate

Exterior Photography

MAS Aerial LLC offers standard flight photography packages.  Package 1 consists of 10 photographs at 4K resolution: 


Package 2 consists of 15 photographs at 4K resolution: 


Further photographs can be requested for an additional cost.  

Exterior Videography

Videography will be conducted on an hourly rate. Additional cost will be incurred if other than standard editing is required.  (Standard editing consists of splicing the video to usable footage.)  Any additional items such as text overlays or logos will incur additional cost.

Interior Photography/Videography

MAS Aerial has the capability to provide interior shots as well.  This can be conducted either with the drone camera or via DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal mounted mobile camera.  MAS Aerial is currently working with Zillow to provide certified video walkthroughs.

Prices for interior photography and videography are on a case by case basis. 

Some locations in close proximity of airports may not be eligible for aerial imaging.  If the property is within 5 miles of an active airport, please expect some additional coordination with Air Traffic Control facilities before an aerial mission can commence.